Hi all, @szaman here, posting my blog watch list today exclusively for Bulls On Wall Street.

AFFY All coiled up, Over 6.80.


CBM Narrow range day with volume. Resolution soon, Over 7.50.


CBST Watching over 40. Breaks out at 40.50.


Over 7.74, target to 50 SMA.


JBLU Nice bounce off 20 SMA. Watch for a continuation over


MEG 4.70 with volume could set this one for a run.


NSR Watching over 34.78 for
a break out.


OCLR Watching over 3.53 for a continuation.


OZM Watching 50 SMA 8.71 area.


P Squeeze watch over 10.87.


POT Watching over 50 SMA 43.67 for a trade.


PSEC Might be slow but may be over 9.70.


TXRH Watching  over


WETF Expanding volume, watching over 6.15.




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