Another rally day in the Market after resolution from Washington. However many names now looks a bit tired. Index’s have “V” shape run and if we have gap up again tomorrow i will be cautious to initiate new longs,if we have gap up might try to take some shorts. Good times continues in Bulls chat room with another $3580 gains. Take the free trial and check us out !



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AKRX  Continuation watch over 20.66, if no gap up .










ALTI Bouncing that 8 EMA. Day trade possibility if holds .










BONA 8 EMA bounce . Might a pop if 7 holds.










CLDX  Short watch on 50 SMA break.










KKD Breakout watch.










NBG Bottom feeder ,might get going over 5.58.










ORB Earning mover. Continuation watch over 22.76 and 23.










QLYS Beak out watch.










SAIC Recent IPO.Range break watch.










VISN Might get bounce on 8 EMA, 8.75 area.










ZLCS Narrow range over MA. Could move either way. Long over 4.86.





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