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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

S&P-500 trying to hold on to 20MA with 50 MA support under. News driven indecisive Market so anything can happen here. Theme for the last week was strength in individual sectors and small caps stocks  as Bulls official trade alerts ended the week with an impressive $12,014 gains for the week !

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ARRY Looks good over 6.11. Might break out long time triangle pattern.

BITA  Breakout watch.

EOPN Trying recapture 20 MA with volume. Watching over 22.

FNSR Bull flag here. Watching for a break.

FWM Range break watch over 25.44.

IGTE  Coiling up. Watching for breakout.

MKTG High and tight flag. Watching over 17 for movement.

NTRI Continuation watch over 14.19.

ORB Breakout watch.

RICK 12.65 breakout watch.

RPTP  Breakout watch.

ZHNE Bouncing 20 MA. Watch for continuation over 3.33.

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Sayed is a veteran of the stock market, receiving acclaim for his hot stock watchlists. He trades in the Bulls room and blogs for the site, sharing his watchlist and market analysis daily.

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