Consolidation in the market, which is good to set up some charts for further run. This environment is tricky for short term traders since many choppy/head fake move happens. See my recent post about “Recognizing the Market’s Trend and Trading Appropriately”. Slow relaxing day for us with $564 gains just trading few hours in the morning.


If you are interested in trading these low risk/ Huge gains  setups with us and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please  email for info.

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GDOT Breakout watch.










GSVC Big run after hours on twitter ipo news.Might be in play.










IBCP Breakout watch.










INCY Breakout watch.










NQ Continuation watch over 20.21.May be a red to green type move.










TRLA  Breakout watch.










ZIPR 20 MA bounce watch.







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