Watch List 09/05/2013

Up day in the Market as S&P-500 approaching both 20/50 SMA, 166.35 area. Expecting some volatility and game in that area. Some great plays every day in various sector run, Solar/Shipper had the run, today Biotech  stocks had a great day and looks to be in play tomorrow. I will be focusing on Bios again tomorrow. Super day in Bulls chat room with $3343 gains for the day !





Check out our ASTX trade today as we were able to book over 16% on day trade.


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ALGN 44.90 break out watch.










AMED Watch for flag break, 17 area.










BEAT  Bio. name ,8.75 break out watch.










INCY  Watching 35 area for movement.










KONG 10.92  breakout watch.










SGEN 44.33 break out watch. Also watch CLDX 24,PCRX 38, WX 26.










SINA Trend line break watch, 80 area.










OLED 36 area for movement.




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