Watch List 07/31/2013

Choppy/sloppy summer trading action in the Index’s continues as we are stuck in a tight range. However if you are focused and have patience , decent action in individual names .Another good day in Bulls chat room with $1017 gains for the day.If you are struggling with your trading the you need to join our upcoming bootcamp course starting September 3rd. Learn how to be profitable in any market and to grow a small account! We teach you everything from risk management to scanning to trading strategies. The class is one of a kind. See what is taught in the course here and email me if interested in signing up!















AVNR Watching back over 4.77.










CERS Big breakout watch over 5.56.










GTAT 5.23 breakout watch.










IM Momentum name. Breakout watch.










IMMU Watching for flag break with volume.










IQNT Still flagging. Watching 8.40 are with volume.










NOAH   Coiling up here watching 11.79 area  for movement.










MTG 7.70 breakout watch.










RBCN Back over 9/9.03. May be a red to green type move.










SANM 16.50 breakout watch.










STML Expect this one break out soon.





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