Watch List 07/10/2013

Another up day in the Market as the V shape bounce continues. However , today i saw some choppiness and break out failure on various names.So keep that in mind if you are playing long and break outs. $675 gains for the day in Bulls chat room after a a nice $2255 gain yesterday. Bulls trading boot camp starts tonight 8PM ET! If you want to learn about proven strategies about momentum trading and trade like us and be profitable in any Market!  Take your trading to a new level. Learn how to be profitable in any market ,Bulls trading strategies able us to make consistent gains month after month like $20K in June, even on down this Market and over $31K in May.   Now featuring my signature explosive low risk/high return money making day trading strategies. Here is a link to  course content  . Email me if you want to sign up or need more info.










DDD  Watching for this trend  line break around 48.










GIMO Recent IPO, momentum  name. Watching 30.84 area for movement.










MCP Watching 6.20 area for a pop.










POWR 16.18 breakout watch.










RPTP Watching this one for a pop.










TSRO Back over 36.60 for continuation.










VSTM Parabolic short watch.










ZLC Continuation watch .





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