Choppy and confused action in S&P-500 as it failed to close above 20 MA again. We are still stuck in a range bound Market. Hopefully a resolution soon,another test of 50 MA might not hold next time or we must just chop around for a while. ENV, ALIM,IRBT, XRM few decent runners from last nights watch list. Another nice day in Bulls caht room with over $1K gains for the day. Don’t forget , key to  survive summer choppy trading environment is not to over trade and be happy with whatever gains you can squeeze out.

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AMRI Break out watch back over 12.46.










AUMN Breaks range over 1.93.










BV Flagging  here. Watching for a movement over 200 MA.










CA  Flagging  here. Watching for a movement over 28.73.










GAME Break out watch.










GDOT  19.60 breakout watch.










OVTI Continuation watch over  19.47.










PWRD  Continuation watch over  16.87.










STAA  Continuation watch over 9.52.May be red to green move.






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