Flat day in the Market on Friday but many individual names continues to grind higher.Few days of sideways move would set this Market for a next leg up higher. Both S&P-500 and NASDAQ printing Bullish inverse head and shoulder patterns. This pattern remain intact as long they stay above 20 day moving average.

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CCIX 15.40 breakout watch.










CIMT Holding 50 MA so far after  gap. Continuation watch over 8.34










EGLE  Shipper name. 3.35 range break watch.










FLO Breaks out over 33.16.










GSS Gold miner, range break over 1.05.










HRB Over 29, target trade to 29.68 and more.










INXN 24.70 range break watch.










MITK Extended now. Little rest would this set up for big range break over 5 soon.










NQ Watching for trend line break.










PRLB 50 should get a pop on this one.










TSRX Continuation watch over 7.15.






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