Big dip in the Market after 50 MA was taken out.We might get a bounce soon as Index’s are oversold.Momentum now in  Bears side  as long we stay below 50MA, so long trades here will  be quick short term trades. Another great week in Bulls chat room with $3790 gains  for the week even in this Market carnage .  Our chat room is all about momentum trading whether long, short,buying dips , strength, break out, swing trades, day trades. We have tools/strategies  and experience to trade any Markets. Between me , Kunal, Meribeth we have over 15 years of trading experience to weather any Market condition with consistence profit.

Bulls Trading boot camp starting again in July 9th and is better than ever. Take your trading to a new level. Learn how to be profitable in any market . Featuring my signature explosive low risk/high return money making day trading strategies. Here is a link to  course content  . Email me if you want to sign up or need more info.

Many charts on the list. Please pick only  the setup you like and understand. Successful rate will be higher if you understand the trade.











ACAD  Bounce watch.










ACRX  20 MA bounce watch.










CLFD Bounce watch.










DIOD  Holds up well. Target trade to 25.50+










ENPH Might get a pop over 50 MA 7.27.










GEVO Flagging here.










INFI Over 19 for a pop.










IRBT  Holds up well. Break out watch.










LYV Bounce watch over 15.12.










MDXG All coiled up. Breakout watch.










MEI Over 16.25 for a quick trade.










ONCY Seems to be bottoming here.Range break watch.










RAX Target trade to 38+.










REGI Over 13.55 for continuation.










SEP Target trade to 43.85+










THRX Watching back over 38.










VNTV Breakout watch.









YELP 33 big breakout area. Watching  closely.





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