As usual, I’m not focusing on the big breakout moves, like TZOO today… instead, let’s see if today’s market consolidation action opened up any opportunities.

PPO – watch it as it approaches $60… Looking for break through.

EZPW really looks like it wants out of this box.  It tried today.  Still watching for sustained move over $42.

LULU starting to consolidate a little. Watch for move over $92 for possible entry.  I like this consolidation here.

CXO starting to get through topside of triangle consolidation.   Break of $111 could open it up.

NFLX – now at highs. SO.. there isn’t a trade. not yet.  Gotta wait for break of highs or possible reversal.  Could even be a short.  We have no way of knowing here, but the shooting star makes me lean short.



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