Trading While Travelling: A How To Guide

Trading from exotic locations is amazing! In just the last three months, I’ve been to Costa Rica, Colombia and the Dominican Republic and I’ve traded the whole time. But trading while travelling presents its own set of challenges, so I’ve decided to take the opportunity to talk a bit about how to trade from the road and answer any of your questions. Of course, I’ll be doing it poolside from my place in Las Terrenas.





The internet connection here is limited (one of the major challenges of trading and travelling), so instead of holding a live webinar I’m going to record something really slick and then post it on Youtube. The only problem with that is that I love to answer questions, which is a bit trickier when things aren’t live. So, what I’d like you to do is post your questions in the comments section below and then I’ll answer ’em in the video.  If you have a question, just be sure to post it before midnight on Friday, May 1st, as I’ll be recording on Saturday.

Photo Apr 23, 4 28 43 PM

Photo Apr 23, 6 41 42 PM

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