Trading While Travelling: A How To Guide

Trading from exotic locations is amazing! In just the last three months, I’ve been to Costa Rica, Colombia and the Dominican Republic and I’ve traded the whole time. But trading while travelling presents its own set of challenges, so I’ve decided to take the opportunity to talk a bit about how to trade from the road and answer any of your questions. Of course, I’ll be doing it poolside from my place in Las Terrenas.





The internet connection here is limited (one of the major challenges of trading and travelling), so instead of holding a live webinar I’m going to record something really slick and then post it on Youtube. The only problem with that is that I love to answer questions, which is a bit trickier when things aren’t live. So, what I’d like you to do is post your questions in the comments section below and then I’ll answer ’em in the video.  If you have a question, just be sure to post it before midnight on Friday, May 1st, as I’ll be recording on Saturday.

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13 thoughts on “Trading While Travelling: A How To Guide”

  1. Hi Kunal,

    Just wondering what spec / sort of equipment you are using to trade on the go.

    Can you do a quick section on your set up


    Keep up the good work

    Gareth (UK)

  2. 1. What do you recommend hardware wise? (As I’m sure you use the same software as you do at home)

    2. What is the minimal speed necessary that you must have (Mbps)?

    3. Does the speed of the connection affect your trading style while traveling?

  3. How do you know which stocks to choose, cause pre-market there are a lot of gappers. How do you know which stocks will be in-play and which stocks are not.

  4. Hello, I’ve got a couple of questions for you.
    1. How do you balance fun with work while you’re traveling?
    2. What is your morning routine?
    Thank you!

  5. how much weight do you put on pre market support/resistance levels vs just using ORBs?

    do you ever use 1 or 2 minute ORBs right off the open?

    do you only play gappers? have you ever traded a basket of stocks everyday over and over? i.e aapl fb twtr

    do you research the catalyst on the gappers (i.e earnings, PR) you are going to be trading or just go by the price action once it opens? does the quality of the news influence your bias? (i.e fade a gap up on so-so news)?

  6. Similar to Yourik’s Q. With a small laptop screen how do you identify tickers in play and watch them on a small screen? Is ther a tool or app that allows you to watch for the ones that are really in play without opening a chart for each and every one on your watch-list?

  7. Biggest issue I see is the quality of the internet wifi. Also I have seen protable type of extra screens for laptops while tra
    velling do you have experience with those? i need at least 2 screens preferably 3 to trade.

  8. 1. Hardware specs is very important
    2. After finding your stocks in play how you track them unless you are taking additional screens

    Thank you

  9. Hey! I’m sorry, this might not be a trading on the road question but I had to ask, I’m very interested in buying your 4 day boot camp, the only problem is, I’m from Mexico and I’m 16 years old, is this really a problem?, I’m very mature and I really want to begin trading, I’m not that wealthy, but I have very high expectations for my future, VERY, and I’m willing to do anything… Literally, just to get what I want, and what better than doing something that I like (stock trading) and living my dream.



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