Trading Watch List 06.06.2022

$QQQ reversed back into the range we’ve been stuck in for the past few days on Friday. Ideally this week we get a range break in either direction to get some clean trends going, tricky action last week. Check out tomorrow’s watch list and game plan:


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Earnings Reports This Week

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Had a strong most last Thursday and had a nice consolidation day on Friday. Keep on eye over the $140 area for a quick long.


Big reversal on Friday after showing good strength the prior day. One of the top names on watch for a short if the $QQQ starts to bleed again this week.


$55 becoming a big level for $UPST. If it can bust though that has a lot of room to run with a potential gap fill all the way back in the $70s.


Energy name that continues to hold its strong trend despite the ugly candle last week. Few consolidation days giving this a good chance for more upside this week.


Busted through the $105 residence level last Thursday and held up well on Friday. Keep this on your list for longs if the $QQQ holds up, tends to be very high beta.


China name that has been holding up very well in the past few days, keeping a close on the $53.50 level for a quick move up.


Beaten down former fan favorite. More speculative idea but we could get a nice bounce over the $3.70s resistance area if it breaks sometime over the next week or two if the market holds up.

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