Trading Volatile Markets Webinar Recording

Here is the video to last weeks webinar. We have had an interesting stock market this year the day trading opportunities have been endless but its been a different animal then years past as the general market indices are flat on the year. There hasn’t been a clear uptrend but yet there are huge moves in many momentum stocks. If you want to learn how to trade stocks its important to understand what type of market cycle we are in. Then of course recently we had the news in Greece that shook the market out of its doldrums a bit and added a whole dose of volatility. This type of day trading can be profitable in volatile markets but its a whole different animal and takes a few tactics if you want to successfully navigate it.

For those of you guys looking into getting in-depth trading our 60 Day Trading Bootcamp takes students from A to Z on everything I know about trading stocks. We have 1 months of straight coursework followed by 1 month of trade recaps and then we put our students on a trading simulator for 1 month. During this time all students are given access to our chatroom and screenshare program so that they can watch me trade live during the day!  If anyone has questions on how to trade stocks or day trading in general feel free to email me anytime I love talking shop!





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