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A Trading Routine You Should Do Every Sunday

You need to this one thing every Sunday. No matter what. Routines aren’t easy to build. Most habits and routines take 20-30 days to engrain. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Becoming a successful trader. Being in great shape. Becoming a master at anything. 

The Routine

Study stocks that are up a minimum of 15% for the week on RVOL 1.5.  and stocks up 30% over 90 days. Stocks that are up 100% or more yearly.
The secret sauce of momo. How it looks, how it feels. How it moves is in those.
You need to understand the nature of momo. How it starts. The secondary setups that come after.  Trend Continuation plays. What topping/reversals look like.


By doing this weekly you will have a working model of what works in the current market.
Then you build out the tc2000 easy scans to find more of those. 
This is important for swing & day traders. 
Your only as good as the stocks you trade.

Developing Your Own Intuition

When you develop your own understanding of markets & momo. You will block out noise from twitter/social media. CNBC.  You can separate the truth from fiction.
There is a big disconnect between what works & general market wisdom.
Most of the famous news/twitter personalities made their money in the late 90s. Very few have done anything since.
The characteristics of momo have always been the same since Paul taught me. Chart Breakout, Catalyst, RVOL, Story Stock or sector momo ie IPOs , Software, Weed etc.
Studying this will help you develop your “feel” for momo.  When you have a watchlist of 20 this is how you narrow it down to exactly what to hit next.
You can scan for anything on tc2000.  Build anything.  Many dont like paying for tech. But if that tech can be the centerpiece to your process its worth the price.
If you want to run a pfc scan for these.
15% up c/c5>=1.15 and minv3.1>100000 and c>=5
15% down c/c5<.85 and minv3.1>100000 and c>=5

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