Trading Intraday Momentum: Long and Short

This is follow a up post from last education post,“Trading Intraday Momentum”. If you missed reading that post, I suggest you reading it  before proceeding to this post. Biotech stokcs has been flying all over ,so on January 7th , we traded this ARNA long all day. Reason being ARNA managed to hold the up trend all day long.

Then the very next 2 days we traded $bind long and then short flipping the trade when we saw the momo shift getting us nearly 5k in gains!

[screencast url=”” width=”” height=””]

[screencast url=”” width=”” height=””]

trading pr/earnings breakouts is one of our gotosetups. As a trader is imperative to have a toolbox of gotosetups that can work in any market on any given day. That allows you to attack the day with an arsenal of moves so that you can extract income everyday.  This is one of the main things we teach in our bootcamp class along with numerous other setups. That is one of the reasons that our trading bootcamp is 60 days long so that you can have setups that work in all market conditions. Our next class starts January 25th email me if you have any questions

Check out our video on Bind below this chart of $arna and if you want to see some other examples of pr/earnings breakout watch this video on $czr and $dgly 












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