I have been working on making this for over a year.  It encompasses everything I know about trading from steps A to Z all in one 60 Day Bootcamp.  We will be meeting four times a week for 1 month straight.  This course is perfect for beginners who don’t even know what a chart is to the trader who has been trading for years, unsuccessfully trying to find his “edge”.  Well this is it as I walk you through the whole Bulls Method. I’ve been read  trading books most of my life.  The one problem with books is that they give you very abstract concepts.  Not a single one ever tells how to step by step what to do.  In this program, I will lay out everything like a recipe step by step. I’ve seen so many traders blow thousands upon thousands of dollars jumping from trade to trade, chatroom to chatroom thinking they can just “figure” this out.  Following other traders blindly is nearly impossible if you don’t know or understand their system.  Unless you know what they are seeing you’re always going to be 10 seconds late on the buy and 20 seconds late on the sell as your just jumping in and out of things blindly.  This can be a very frustrating thing as what you will find is that you will always be in the stocks that were sold for small losses and never get to have a chance at the home run stocks that really transform your portfolio as you don’t know what that stock looks or acts like!

You wouldn’t stride into a courtroom, fingers-crossed, and hope to figure out the intricacies of the legal profession as you go along, would you? Then why treat your trading career that way? It can take years of trial and error trading and tens of thousands of dollars in losses to develop the skills of a consistent trader.


Luckily, you don’t have to do things the hard way: with the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can significantly reduce the time and money it takes to achieve your trading goals.  The Bulls on Wall Street 60 Day Bootcamp p is an intensive course to train those serious about trading with skill and precision. We’ve compiled a total of 19 subjects that will help you prepare for the market, starting with how to understand what moves the market as a whole and going all the way to defining your individual trading style.


You’ll learn:


  • How to setup your charts
  • Which indicators and tools can give you an edge
  • How to read indexes
  • How to interpret price action in the market
  • How to read the tape in stocks for hidden clues on when the big moves are coming
  • Where to scale out of profitable positions
  • My personal Bulls Proprietary Scans so that you can scan/find earnings breakouts, red to green moves, flat top breakouts etc
  • How to scan for pr releases/news releases and then interpret if it is actionable news
  • How to identify and trade several different types of highly profitable setups
  • My personal goto setups: Bottom bounces, r/g moves, Rubberband Plays etc I will give you step by step how to find these and then play them.
  • Im going to personally show you how to setup your daily & weekly routine along with your computer so that everything you do is mechanical
  • And most importantly Im going to show you the GOTO BULLS setups that I use every single day for the last 10 years

if you ever wondered how the heck i find the homerun stocks like BIOF that we sold for nearly 100% gain https://bullsonwallstreet.com/2011/11/trade-review-biof-how-to-play-sympathy-plays/  or ECYT which we took nearly 35% gain in 1 day https://bullsonwallstreet.com/2012/03/trade-review-ecyt-how-to-play-pr-breakout/  thats what we are going to learn! how to find them then enter them, then manage it perfectly.

I’m doing a test run with the BULLS CREW first.  I’ts going to be 2500 dollars and we are starting on April 9th.  All classes will be done via webinar. You will also get a coursebook with the class that will be better then any trading book you have ever read and will have everything you need for reference while trading and taking the class.  Also since this is the first class anybody who takes this class can take the class as many times as they want for the next 6 months so anytime you need a refresher or want to ask questions you can jump right back into a particular session (This particular feature will be limited to those that take this class now).

After the bootcamp is done,  we will meet via webinar 3x a week for 1/2 hour after trading days to go over questions/trades/setups.  This will go on for 1 month so that we can constantly keep reinforcing the things that you have learned and keeping a tight feedback loop.

Classes will start at 8pm eastern time


If you’re interested in this email tim@bullson.ws he will walk you through anything you need.  Or you can call 773-687-9627



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