Did you know that over 80% of your trading performance comes from emotions?

At Bulls on Wall Street, we teach strategies and techniques for successful trading, yet often traders give up their profits to the market due to not being able to make the appropriate trades, most likely us to emotions taking over the ability to make the appropriate logical decision.

To master your emotions, you MUST use a trading journal.

A trading journal will help ensure you stay within the trading plan we teach you to follow. A trading log allows for you to easily record your trades in one centralized place where by aggregating your data it can provide valuable insights helping you identify your edge. No only will it make you accountable for your mistakes but it will help you locate the path of profitability.


Easily keep a record of every trade you made. Log the strategy used and mistakes made. The trading journal will automatically calculate all your metrics, create price actions and make your data available across devices.

TraderSync will create rich reporting tools with a vast selection of filters for you to easily evaluate your performance from all angles.


Utilizing TraderSync management widgets allows you to be able to flag and remove those trade that are not within your plan, allowing you to decrease mistakes while ensuring you focus on the strategies that work for you.

Track Stock Entries and Exit Points

Automatic calculation of profit and losses

Easily import your stock trades from your broker / trading simulator

Responsive platform for mobile users

Available on IOS and Android

Gain depth to your data. Understand visually what is happening to your trading system.

Gain depth to your data. Understand visually what is happening to your trading system.

Identify patterns of common variables affecting your trading performance negatively

Utilize your insights to focus your trading on what is working for you as a trader

Interactive daily and intraday charting of trade executions

Upload personal screenshots and files to trades to provide more insight and context to your trades

Track commissions and fees by entering it in manually, importing, or setting up your own rules

Share your trading performance, journal, and specific trades with your trading peers or mentors to receive feedback on your trading