Trader Highlight – Filling the Gap with Big Daddy All Day

Filling The Gap

Today we are highlighting one of the talented traders from the Bull’s chatroom, “Big Daddy AllDay”. In the first 15 minutes of the market opening he made $500! The best part was, he was calling out this stock as it was happening so our members got to see the trade happen live.

$CERU Trade

What he saw was this, $CERU gapped up in the morning due to all of the premarket volume just bubbling up more and more momentum. With this much high relative volume and a gap fill setup, this was a high probability stock that had the potential to move up to $2.62, which it did!


With that much pent up juice the stock exploded when the market finally opened within a matter of minutes. AllDay called out the stock at 9:33AM entering the trade at around $2.06 when the trade broke out of the morning range. As the stock kept exploding, he simply continued to close out his position up all the way up $2.60. By 9:43AM he made $500. When the stock broke down he simply exited his entire position.

filling the gap

$DRWI Trade

It’s all about consistency and looking for setups you know will work. The following day, DRWI was the next target. Big Daddy AllDay called out this trade when it was priced at $1.74.

filling gap


Almost immediately, the stock ran up to $2.20 filling up the gap on the daily chart. The high relative volume and the pops over the moving averages made this a high probability trade.

The best part of being in a chatroom is that you get to be a part of a tight knit trading community. In Addition to mine, you get to be exposed to extra eyes scanning the market!

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