Another very successful day on the trading floor.

Closed positions today:

  • SONS – I took a hit here – I wasn’t too heavily invested, but made the mistake of holding into earnings.  That’s one of my don’t-do-it rules.  By holding into earnings I was HOPING something good will happen. I try not to trade on hope 🙂
  • REE – Sold second 1/2 position of REE at 11.35 for 6% gain from swing.
  • BAC Dec $12 Puts – Sold at .37 from .33 for 12% gain.
  • KOG – I sold 1/2 of my position for a gain and the second 1/2 for a loss. Overall, it was a small loss.  Probably got a little too impatient here, but the market showed weakness through the afternoon, so I shifted portfolio heavily into cash.
  • ES – Scalp 4.87 entry.  Exit at 4.99 and 4.96. Average 2% gain.
  • GMXR – Scalp 4.77 entry with 4.90 and 5.15 exits.. good returns here. Over 5% gain.
  • SLV short – 28.20 entry with 27.30 exit.  3.3% gain.
  • RTK – Scalp  1.35 entry and sold 1/2 at 1.38.  Still holding 1/2 position.
  • SPY Dec. $120 Puts – 2.20 entry with 2.32 exit for 5.4% gain.

Positions I’m still holding:

  • RTK – 1/2 position
  • CRUS Nov Calls (getting killed here). Good news is that I never invest much in option trades until I have more options trading experience.
  • TRID
  • Over 90% CASH

That’s it.. I’m looking for new setups tonight – gotta be some pullback bulls that we can watch tomorrow just in case we rebound back up.



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