Trade Review VHC

Here is a video trade review on VHC. This is one of my fav type of setups in oversold market. We bought this in the 17.7s and sold for 2 dollar gain within 1/2 hour.   This stock had fallen from 40 dollars all the way back to 15 in a matter of weeks which sets it up for a strong reversal when the stock is ready.

2 thoughts on “Trade Review VHC”

  1. Was looking at this set up too…mainly cause I thought it would have fuel from the news…was trying to get in on the bid @ $17.70 but did’nt get filled. I guess I should have chased the break out instead of making those two stupid trades I made when the stock was tapping resistance at $20.00 and the rally in the markets was running out of juice!


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