Trade Review SQNS "how to play gap fills"

Here is a video trade review on SQNS.  This setup is what we call a “gap fill”   There are 3 main types of gaps we play.  This is what we call the FILL. If you want to learn more about gaps investopedia has some good material on it

Essentially when we are playing a gap like this we are buying it not for any investment or knowledge of the company. We are buying strictly for the knowledge that in the stock market gaps tend to fill.

We bought SQNS in chatroom at 2.79.  I bought 2000 shares.  Sold 1000 at 3.03 and 1000 at 3.12= which is 500 dollar plus gain (12% ON Those shares!)  in a matter of 1 hour with very minimal investment!


[screencast url=”” width=”” height=””]





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