$PZG Trade Review – Trading PR Breakouts

Here is a video trade review of $PZG.  This is one of the setups that we trade all the time – PR breakouts.  In our education section, I have a host of videos that go over this setup, from how to find and interpret the press releases, to how to trade them.

We bought $PZG at 2.60 in chatroom; the stock was a rocket, almost tapping $3.00.  I biffed a bit on the management of the trade, where I could have eked out more profits, but money is money!

If you want to learn how to trade these like I do, email me at kunal@bullsonwallstreet.com

4 thoughts on “$PZG Trade Review – Trading PR Breakouts”

    • sometimes i do! but only if im scalping.. but often im a bit hyperactive and so 1min charts give me too many false signals.i find 5minute charts really let me smooth ut my charts so i can capture the meat of the move and not get headfaked

      • you’re right, and i think that’s especially true for beginners. i’ve been trying to use 5min charts more often as i find that they give me more time to breath and reason before making decisions. it’s easy to freak out with the 1min ones…
        thanks for replying!


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