swingtrade updates 1/17

1.  Sick overnight hold in $iqnt for us today.. we banked $580 on this swingtrade. Here is a look at the chart and our two trades on this stock. We first bought the stock at 3.1 yesterday in anticipation of the breakout today. We sold off the shares for a 3.35 average. We also daytraded the stock from 3.44 to 3.48 on the intraday break for a quick $80. You gotta remember that its best to be first in a stock and anticipate breakouts especially in stocks coming off a bottom. You don’t want to be caught chasing the stock and have it reverse in your face.. just as $iqnt did today. Take a look at the chart

Big volume yesterday into the close.. plus a close right at the breakout spot makes for a great overnight trade

Since you were in it the night before, you can sell the stock into strength rather than chasing it up


2. We bought $gevo into the close for a swingtrade.. stock has pulled back to a bounce spot. We entered it at 2.01 with a 2.3 target and a .10 cent stop. here is the chart:

3. We also bought $clnt today for a swingtrade. The first reason we bought this stock is because the daily chart is coiled and this is the perfect entry for a low risk swingtrade. The second reason is because the sector is firing (take a look at the other low floaters such as $cali. Here is the chart

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