Swing Watch List Update

From yesterday’s Watch List Post.

Congrats if you played ZLC and MRGE today. ¬†Others are still in play…

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Stocks that stopped out from swing list:

LXUtook a small loss here, but I still like it if it gets back above $46
VRX – Stopped out for break even.. probably put too tight of a stop here – it’s still sitting above horizontal support
CFX – Small loss
BIIB – Small gain.

Overall, today’s ‘stop-outs’ netted a small loss on the market pullback today… I’ve tightened up stops in this environment – maybe too much.

Stocks still swinging:

CHD from 42.40
VMW from 103.5
BHI from 75.5
MRGE from 5.5

note: as always, these are hypothetical trades and setups. I’m not necessarily in any or all of these positions..


1 thought on “Swing Watch List Update”

  1. I see MRGE is still in the range of 20 MA and 50 MA. So tomorrow it will either go below the 50 MA or bounce above it, but the 50 MA is the resistance line. Guess I’ll be watching that one.


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