Swing Watch List Update

One strong hour and suddenly we all feel bullish.. lol – in other words, be careful. Yes, I was impressed with the last hour of the trading day on Friday, but it was just that – an hour of trading. Maybe it’s the turn back up we’re looking for, but I still believe the market will struggle to run until the debt ceiling is raised. Stay nimble, earnings season is in full swing, as well.

Updates on Last Week’s Swings on Watch:

OCN – still going strong on swing entry on 7/13
MYGN – not very exciting, but bollinger bands are tightening up. watch $24
PLCM – was shaken out last week, but sma50 looks like a great entry if current horiz support doesn’t hold.
CHD – Nice breakout Friday.
VMW – Watch for earnings on Tuesday on this bull flag
LXU – triangle tightening up. Looking for 45.50
VRX – nice volume Friday..
HLF – careful holding horiz support. careful… sitting heavy
BHI – looks good
CFX – bull flag on watch
BIIB – bull flag on watch
INFA – was watching for bull trade off support.. ended up being perfect short
New swings added to the watch list Sunday.  See you then.



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