Swing Watch List Update

I was not able to particapate in the market trading action today, so the few positions I had were stopped out before lunch.. so, I’m back to all cash headed into Thursday.  But, that’s a discussion around day trading, this post is a focus on the Swing Watch List.

Stocks that stopped out (completed swing):

SPN for 4.86% gain
FXEN for 5.22% gain
NAK for 1.08% loss
OC for .39% loss
DE for 2.06% gain
SPN (second position) for 1.38% gain
DHR for 1.23% gain

Open swings:

ENDP up 3.81%
FTK up 3.88%
MDR down 1.34%
BCR up 2.02%
CFN up 1.68%
CAT up 3.85%
SRCL up 2.78%
ITW up 2.59%
HAL up 1.27%
ARAY up .73% 
BAX up .15%
MCK up .2%



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