Swing Watch List Update 4.13.11

Good evening, Bulls.

SPY held on to SMA20 today and there were actually some signs of strength under the hood.  We have to remain nimble – the bulls are not in control, but have not yet lost it either.  We’re in an earnings season battle ground and the more data we get, the more we’ll know and the more the market will move one way or another.

Don’t forget, it’s not just about earnings.  Economic data tomorrow includes job numbers and PPI data.

Here are the recently closed swing positions: did you happen to notice CT?  That’s a 50% gain.

4/5/11 MPEL .36%
4/6/11 MERC 4.29%
4/7/11 STLD -.10%
4/7/11 WOR 6.23%
4/7/11 CRIS 20.59%
4/8/11 TYC 3.3%
4/11/11 OPWV -1.8%
4/11/11 ARAY 1.51%
4/11/11 CT 50.2%
4/12/11 EGHT .68%
4/12/11 BLTI 1.68%

Here are some new additions to the watch list:

SPRD -Could open up bollinger bands and testing SMA50.

GPOR -Nice bounce today, but needs volume.. waiting for horizontal resistance break

ALTR-Watch for move out of channel

ALXN-breaking through horizontal resistance and sma10. needs volume.

HYC-Over horizontal resistance

DHR-Over horizontal resistance

RL-Over trendline resistance

FE- Nice break through sma200. Now I’m looking for SMA50

CSX – Trendline support



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