Swing Watch List Update

Well, as you know, this week has been tough on swing traders.  Today’s intraday moves along took out a lot of swinger unless you maybe were in U.S. based energy, coal, or a few other not-so-hit sectors. On that note, let’s clean up the watch list and get a few new stocks to watch added.

The stocks that have finished their round (buy on swing then stopped out): Please note – these are not my actual trades… they are purely setups with stops and estimated gains based on those entries and exits.
  • ACAS – Nice 10% return on a swing from 2/9 – 2/22
  • NCT – Another 10% winner on swing from 2/14 – 2/22
  • GS – We got hit for 2% loss here on gap down Tuesday
  • C – 1.6% loss on weak banking stocks on Monday
  • MON – 3.3% loss on Monday – Careful here if you’re still watching it… struggling with SMA50
  • ORCL – 1.6% loss on Monday. Nice job holding sma50 today. I’ll keep an eye on this for possible reentry
  • OXY – 6.7% return on swing from 2/14 – 2/22
  • SPWRA – The solars went on a great run – 11.5% gain from 2/14 – 2/23
  • STP – Same story – 16% gain from 2/14 – 2/22
  • ES – stopped out on Monday for pretty much a break even trade. However, it’s back on watch for move above 6.75
  • IO – Huge winner. Stopped out today with 22% gains
  • AINV – stopped out for break even on Tuesday
  • AKRX – another break even stop out.
  • BSX – Good returns of 5% booked on Tuesday.  Still worth watching.. will it hold SMA100
  • GLBL – Stopped out Tuesday for break even. NOTE: I jumped back in it today
  • AMRN – Took a 2.3% loss on Tuesday exit.
  • MS – Another financial stock that took a hit Tuesday for 1.7% stop loss.
  • CPN – 1.6% loss on stop out today
  • NVE – stopped out today for break even – Watch for SMA50 pullback support


There are still two stocks surviving on the swing list:

  • CLR and EGY
New additions:
  • ES – nice momentum stock. Long over 6.75 resistance.
  • ONNN – Semis have been getting hammered lately, but with the nice bounce off sma50, it’s worth a possible look over sma20.
  • VG – Nice bounce off SMA50 today.  Let’s see if it can get through sma
  • CYTR over .96
  • KAZ over 1.04 – watching horizontal resistance at these levels.
  • WNR over 16. Nice bounce off SMA20 today, so I’m looking to see if it resumes its uptrend.
  • GKK over 5.37
  • HUN nicely organized uptrend. Let’s get it over 17.5 for possible swing.

View List (also in left column on the Swing Corner page).




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