Swing Watch List Update 1/2/11

Ok, everyone. It’s time to clean up my watch list – remove the good and the bad and leave those that are still setup for a possible move.  My Watch List is made up of scans I run when the market is closed and are separate from screens I run intraday.  These stocks are more intended for swinging and are geared more towards helping traders that are unable to trade intraday.  I attempt to offer possible entry points and stops to minimize losses and allow winners to run.  I may not trade too many of these, as I spend most of my time scalping stocks intraday, but I do keep up with the activities of each of these and add notes every day after the market close. 
Quick review of that the colors mean on the Swing Watch List spreadsheet:
Green – means that the swing setup has trigger and this is an active trade. At the end of the day, I set a new stop based on the close price.  So, the next day it will continue to swing unless the stop is taken out.
White – Watching for setup to be triggered
Yellow – Watching for setup to be triggered, but I’m cautious… maybe losing interest in this trade as it drifts away from the setup entry.
Red – the trade failed – the entry was never triggered and the chart is not setup – time to move on.  Every few days I will remove the ‘reds’ from the list.
Blue – Blue stocks are positions that triggered the swing (green), but have pulled back to the stop.  So, blue stocks are closed positions at the stop price (price indicated).  Over the weekend, I will remove the ‘blues’. 
Now for the cleanup..
Here are the stocks coming off the list because they triggered a buy and then triggered the stop:
AXTI 12.98% gain, stop taken out at 10.36. 
BWEN 9.36% gain, stop taken out at 2.22.  Note.. this one is still interesting for Monday.
AXU  4.19% gain, stop taken out 7.71 intraday.
PIP 3.58% gain, stop taken out at 4.05.
CPT 1.79% gain, stop taken out 53.98.
GLDD 0.41% gain, stop taken out 7.42
EPL .14% gain,stop taken out. trade complete. 
RAME 1.60% loss, stopped out on strong reversal.
LNG 2.72% gain, stop taken out at 5.67. 
UEC 5.84% gain, stop taken out at 6.16. 
GLUU 2.38%, stop taken out at 2.15.
CRME 6.00% gain, stop taken out at 6.36.
New stocks added to the list for Monday:
RAX tight bollinger bands.  looking for move above 32.40 for swing long.
NE looking for move above 36. 
URZ testing horizontal resistance. Long above 4.05.
BPZ Tried to break out Friday.. watching for buyers at 4.80 to swing long
EGLE Looking for move out of falling wedge and a move above SMA20. Also watch NM through SMA20, as well.
BCRX – Possible long bounce off SMA100.
HEAT – Watching triangle on daily chart.  Possible long above SMA10 with volume. 
MEA – Watching for breakout above 6. Nice volume on Friday. 
PDLI – Looking for SMA20 bounce to continue bull trend. 
Note – Please keep in mind that all stocks mentioned in my Swing Watch List are based entirely on technical analysis.  Before jumping in, visit the stocks on Google Finance, or equivalent, to confirm news and events surrounding that particular stock.  I don’t like to own stocks into earnings or major announcements.



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