Swing Watch List Cleanup

Time to clean up the watch list and remove the stocks that stopped out.

The big winner was MERC, which finally stopped out after a 51% gain! Nice. Others included:

SGMO –  exit on 2/16 for 5% gain

SLM – exit on 2/18 for 1.28% gain

ABAT exit on 2/17 for 2.11% gain

PCLN exit on 2/17 for 2.65% gain

CNO exit on 2/18 for .15% loss

AA exit on 2/17 for .23% loss

MWA exit on 2/18 for 1.45% gain

CXO exit on 2/18 for 4.27% gain

CPO exit on 2/15 for .1% gain

HES exit on 2/18 for .95% gain

NSU exit in 2/18 for .16% gain



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