Swing Watch List Cleanup

Time to clean up the watch list and remove the stocks that stopped out.

The big winner was MERC, which finally stopped out after a 51% gain! Nice. Others included:

SGMO –  exit on 2/16 for 5% gain

SLM – exit on 2/18 for 1.28% gain

ABAT exit on 2/17 for 2.11% gain

PCLN exit on 2/17 for 2.65% gain

CNO exit on 2/18 for .15% loss

AA exit on 2/17 for .23% loss

MWA exit on 2/18 for 1.45% gain

CXO exit on 2/18 for 4.27% gain

CPO exit on 2/15 for .1% gain

HES exit on 2/18 for .95% gain

NSU exit in 2/18 for .16% gain

4 thoughts on “Swing Watch List Cleanup”

  1. I like to have a hard copy of the Swing Watch spreadsheet so I can refer to it and make notes when my laptop is NOT available. You recently changed the background colour from white to a black or charcoal grey which makes printing expensive but more importantly, the printed spreadsheet is near illegible. Any way you can revert to the original white background with coloured lettering? Thanks!


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