Swing Watch List Clean Up 1/9/11

It’s a new week, so that means it’s time to clean up the Swing Watch List and get it ready for new setups.
Here are the stocks leaving the list after completing swings last week:
QTM 14.25% gain
STEC 7.05% gain
LINE 2.30% gain
ZQK 1.90% gain
FTK 18.16% gain
STEM 4.59% loss
PDS 0.41% loss
EBR 5.93% gain
NE 0.14% gain
PWRD 1.61% loss
GKK 9.09% gain
NEI 15.44% gain
ACPW 7.89% gain
URZ 2.26%  gain
BPZ 0.42% gain
BCRX 2.90% gain
MEA 1.70% gain
PDLI 0.16% loss
EXK 1.23% loss
EROC 2.55% loss
VSH 3.11% gain
NUAN 4.30% gain
CSIQ 2.25% gain
GLUU 19.55% gain
BLDP 2.53% gain
VISN 0.22% loss
SOMX 3.18% loss
Look for new stocks for Tuesday.



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