Tonight’s Watch List has been updated, but the action from this list will likely be determined by the morning employment numbers. The street is cautiously optimistic, but we shall see.

Latest additions to the list:

IVAN – looks good, but watch for resistance at 4
OKE – another stock testing horizontal resistance on small ascending triangle. nice bull trend
MRGE – overall bull trend is positive. needs to get through a little resistance
AVL – nice volume today. looking for it to move through recent highs and hold above sma10
LLEN – starting to get some energy off bottom. SMA20 has proven to be trouble in the past. Let’s confirm strength above for possible swing.
ENTG – another nice bull trend. finishing at HOD on good volume. Looking for next leg up.
AA – working its way through some horizontal resistance. would like to see it get above sma20 to continue momentum up.

update.. added four more:

RVBD – looking to retest recent highs
ROK – consolidating and might be ready to make a real move at new high.  needs more volume
SBGI – banging against horizontal resistance
HON – banging against horizontal resistance





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