Every young man or even old man should use the summer for it does best to the human spirit. Love!  In th midwest people are quite ornery for a majority of the year due to the Detroit Lions, 20% unemployment, 1 foot snow falls in the middle of the night.  But come summertime there is a perk in the step of my fellow people.  The girls start wearing dresses guys hit the gym and the drinks and activities are flowing!!  Even Ben Bernanke himself  puts on a smile in the summer. 
The most important part of the summer is the summer love.  No summer can go without a true 3 month romance (hopefully longer!)  So that is your mission for summer of 2010  otherwise known as
recipe for “the summer of love”
It must be young love:  The kind of love you have when your in highschool or college
These are the things you will need:
A girl (someone new, different than what your used too)
A hammock (for taking naps and laying around in the sun)
A convertible (for the all important roadtrip adventure you must take)
A mixed tape- Mixture of Debbie Gibson, Britney Spears, and numerous other 80s pop songs
A summer drink (maybe Iced Tea Vodka with Lemonade)
An EPIC road trip — must be through multiple states, involve a beach, possibly some trouble with the police!
Tons of handholding…throughout the day and night.
Make out parties.  Tons and Tons of Make Out parties.
actually make out all the time. PDA is a must! dont be shy fellas. 



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