Stocks On Monday's Watch List

I’m all giddy ahead of the trading day tomorrow because I have no idea what to expect – the trend is up and the trend is your friend, but the market follows rules until it doesn’t :).  I’m currently holding the following positions long and am itching to go short somewhere… we’ll see.

CPE full position
NANO 1/2 position
BRCD full position
RAS full position

A few that are getting some twitter chat this evening that are definitely worth a look…

  • ATPGheavil short interest with a pretty good looking chart
  • YRCW Union agreement out of the way – might go this week. Action will be crazy in the moring.
  • RIG – I think people want this to go more than the fact that it’s ready.  Either way, worth a watch

Stocks I’m watching WITH market strength this week:

As you know, most of the obvious market leaders have exploded to the moon over the last week. But, I’m looking for laggards and those still poised to move if given the chance.  Note:  Recent moves have proven, yet again, that it’s always good to have sector leaders in your portfolio and don’t move all of your cash into the risk trade.. AAPL, etc.


SOLR considering the moves in solar lately, SOLR is one to watch here at horizontal resistance.  Would like to see a move above 8.05 with 8.75 target and stop just above SMA50.  YGE is also interesting technically – Testing SMA200 (again) on positive MACD cross.


CLS possible swing over 8.29. Nice volume Friday on Barron’s article.


CREE testing horizontal resistance on improving MACD and RSI14 approaching 50.   Possible swing above 52.5 with 57.5 target.


CMGBeen on a great move, but not necessarily over bought here.  Strong market could keep this one going.

ALTRgets through resistance and now setting 52 week highs on improving volume.  Possible swing from here with stop at July highs.

CMCSA has a ‘look’ to it that is keeping me interested.  Looks swingable above 18.60. I’m always a fan of SMA200 with a nice steady move up. 

VECO triangle consolidation on decreasing volume and bullish MACD/RSI.  Watch for a possible move soon.  Could be a scalp in here somewhere.


NUVA broke out of bull flag on daily chart. Looking for possible continuation.  

See you in the Boom Factory.  Ask questions if you got ’em.



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