Big sell off today after FOMC and CPI this week. $279 key support level cracked today. The end of the year is historically a bullish period for stocks, but don’t get too biased in a bear market.

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Economic Calendar For Tomorrow


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Over bought tech name with more room to fall. On watch for a short if the Q’s continue to dump tomorrow.


Daily trader for us, impressive relative strength today despite the market sell-off. Still have a short-bias on the name.


China name that has been on a monster run since mid-November. Ugly candle today, has room to fall if it cannot hold its 200 DMA.


Another beaten down Chinese stock that has had a monster rally the last couple of weeks. Still flagging, on watch for a quick long sometime over the next few trading days whenever we get a set up at the open.


Similar look to $MOMO, nice look with the consolidation under the 200 DMA. Don’t marry any of these beaten down China names, get in and out of them if they set up.







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