Nice week overall for the markets with the Nasdaq leading the way up nearly 2%.  The bulls successfully supported this past friday and we saw follow through on that this whole week.  This gives us a logical area to set stops if we see any future turn in the markets.  To get confirmation of this bounce we need to break over the 50dma on the s&P and also take out the 1670 level.  Till that happens the tape will be choppy.  There is little data this coming week in terms of economic reports so the main focus will be back on Syria , interest rates, tapering.   My current gameplan is to stay aggressive when i see my Goto Setups emerge during the day.  On the rest of them ive been taking it a bit defensive and trading smaller sizes till we get a clear break on the markets.


We had a kick butt week last week in the chatroom!   Im on audio/video all day calling out the plays realtime. Come check us out we have a free 2 week trial!

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Great Webinar on Thursday! we had over 350 people show up for 3 hours on a thursday! not bad guys keep studying! Here is the recording


Here is the watchlist by @szaman for tomorrow




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