Nice run in the markets last week.  Even though it seemed 1/2 the world was on vacation it didnt matter there was a huge move in the markets last week  and traders who stayed back and traded were rewarded.  We have reclaimed the 200dma on the s&p 500 and also the russell2k. the nasdaq is lagging and is right under the 200dma. we do need to see that confirm the move in the other indices. The bull shad a great week there is no doubt about that but that does not mean that we are out of the woods.  The markets have triggered a shorterm overbought condition and till we break the november highs in the s&p we are still making a series of higher lows in the market.  Next week should have a lot of catalysts for the market with

More fiscal cliff talks

Econ data with retail sales for black friday etc

POMO operations throughtout the week with liquidity flushing around the markets


Nasdaq Comp.: +3.99%
Russell 2000: +3.98%
S&P 500: +3.62%







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