She's ripe for a turn 8/26/2010

I dont know if its today….or tomorrow..but mother market is ripe to get ran.  My mentor once told me that the market is like a rubberband.  The farther you pull it in one direction the more vicious the snapback.  Well we’ve been in a range since (well who knows..its been long). We are getting to the bottom of the range.  Unless we break that…then this range trade is still valid.  Ive been telling our subs to stay minimum 50% cash for weeks. I at times was going 80% cash and only using that cash for daytrades.   We are starting to get to the point where adding some swings makes sense from a risk to reward standpoint.  We may have 3 points to the downside on $spy with 8 points to the upside.
In short its time to eye gouge Mother market and give her a kick with a steel spiked boot right in the babymaker.
ive used my 50% cash position and added stocks
cwtr (daytrade)
Looking at some small banks and some Steel stocks.  Check out X or AKS both been pummelled.  possibly reload TA
also like BEE and MPG


Id find stocks that are about to breakout like $ufi (nice find by zortrades) or stocks that are so stretehced they’ve been broken through lower bb’s and right near support like $pwer $crus etc



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