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Run Timmy run

Quick watchlist. Ive thrown on here dozens of stocks this past week. Keep an eye on yesterdays watchlist. Most of that is still in play.  Here are a few additions to the focus list
Also in the middle of a market run usually days 3-4 is when the smallcaps start firing..they lag then they run hard.  There a boatload that are on its bottom.  We need to pick a few of those up
yesterday we added some rprx uwbk amongst others

this thing is coiled watch for a pop through 20dma to start some mojo (.27 area or so)

watch for break of 4.9s. Id buy early though a starter position in 4.7s then add on break

If banks run FBC can pop huge. They did reverse merger reducing their float to 60million from 1 billion. On a bottom. Im looking for bank movement before jumping in this

there is no technical setup in this…looks like crap..but could pop hard..this is the type of stock u just “jedi” trade…Ill know when its gonna run hard..just follow my lead. Its due for 30-40% pop

watch for break above its m.a. (i just put it on here because the name Wet Seal makes me laugh)

over 4 looks like a popper

watch for vvus type move over 2.60 on this. this is one of my fav setups i play

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