Been a ton of big breakout stocks last few weeks.  Most of them have not been the breakout stocks coming into 52 week highs but quite the opposite.  Some of the most powerful moves have come off flat base breakouts or what we like to call here on Bulls t’ve he Bottom Booty Breakout.  Stocks like $hill $neng $redf  $aone  all brokeout of  large  rounded bottom pattern things (not sure if its a real technical setup but i use it)
Here are a few im watching for the next move. Lot of them are high in short interest so they can be explosive.
We’ve seen some good strenght from market leaders so far. Lot of traders werent even around for most of this run.  They will try to chase performance as 99.9% of traders suck….my guess they go after the bottoms.

Coco got a lot of shorts. watch for that break of 20dma

CPE getting ready right now . Like it at 4.00

Watch taht pop through 50dma. Almost there. Big Base. Tightly coiled

JOhnWelsh pick. Looks like it could be ready today.

Watch for break of 50dma

vol perked up yesterday. Got 4m shorts. Potential buyout play also



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