Risk Management Lessons for Day Trading

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Hey guys! Here is an important day trading lesson on a trade we took last week in $labu. Pre-Market on our BullsVision I was walking our traders through what I thought was a stock that should get absolutely crushed for the day.  When we have a big picture idea like that its important to really time your entry as a good idea is just that its a good idea. When your day trading you still need to time your entry or the heat you take on the trade will take you out of it before you can profit.  So after walking our traders through the setup what did I do at the open?  I shorted it first candle and the stock started to squeeze to the upside! Now in the past I would have gotten stubborn and taken a big loss and it would have knocked me out of the day.  I see this with many new traders just taking that small loss and realizing there is a bigger play coming is so hard! But thats what I did here I took a small loss and re-entered at a much more explosive spot.


This is very important as many of you know I’m day trading a 2000 dollar account in front of our students for our small accounts program.  Im trading with the same parameters that our trading bootcamp students who trade for me in our Fund trade.  2000 dollar account.  2 position limit with 400 shares max size.  All our bootcamp students who complete class are eligible to trade with us and use our capital and tools to trade this type of account. As they are profitable I allocate more capital to them.  For those of you guys that have completed requirements or need info always email me with any questions  kunal@bullson.ws

Guys we are starting our new trading bootcamp in January! We do live classes 4 days a week.  Our students have lifetime access to class and can retake as many times as needed.  Here is the info fill it out for a free trader Assessment





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