Quick List of Stocks to Watch 7/21

Here is a fast and furious list of stocks to watch in the morning for possible moves.
SUSQ – trading in channel between SMA200 and SMA100
SONC above 8.50
MDCO above horizontal resistance at 8.50
AYR above 8.75 resistance
HERO above SMA20
NLST above 2.75 with volume
LTXC off trendline support.. needs volume.
MPG off trendline support.  Nice consolidation.
BPZ with consolidation bottom and improving MACD
RRI coiling nicely. Looking for a pop.
DVR above 6.50 horizontal resistance
GSS off horizontal support
AFFX if it breaks 4.50
OK.  That was ninja fast.. sorry, more details next time. Gotta go to bed.

See you in the boom factory.




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