We Prepare You For Trading Success – Here's How

60 day trading bootcamp

We get hundreds of inquiries about our 60 day trading bootcamp so we thought we would share some more insight into what exactly goes on during those two months of intense stock trading education. There are many great components that go into our classes including live webinars with Q&A’s at the end of each one, a proven course format, experienced instructors, and so much more.

Below are 5 key factors included in our bootcamp that are vital to your trading success.

Trading Plan

In our bootcamp we teach our students all of the various strategies for capturing a winning trade. But at the end of the bootcamp we also require them to put together an actionable trading plan of what they learned. This plan acts as their guide for implementing their knowledge in a real market. It gives you, the student, more clarity and focus into your trading strategy. Once submitted, these plans are evaluated and once a student is given the green light their ready to start trading.

Market Recaps

After the close of the market my students are invited to join me for a market recap session. This is where I reflect on the major moves that happened for the day. Then we’ll evaluate the best ways a trader could have made these trades. I also review all the trades that I’ve made and give myself a self evaluation of the day. Finally, students who want a second opinion on their actions or stocks that they’ve looked at can bring their trades to the table.

Swing Strategies

All trading strategies we teach can be applied to different time frames. Whether you’re a day trader or a swing trader this bootcamp teaches you what you need to learn. For those with full time jobs looking to be a part time trader, our swing trading lessons will help you learn how to manage both and do it successfully. We have our own swing trading expert and my personal mentor Paul Singh to lead the swing trading division. For the swing trading students, Paul provides his own market recaps, trade alerts, and classes.

Patterns to Trade in All Markets

Everything you learn in our bootcamp is applicable to different markets. Do you prefer futures, options, or heard any exciting news on cryptocurrencies lately? What makes our educational course vital is that we focus on the core principles of successful trading. This includes risk assessment, momentum scanning, and trade management. The lessons you learn here can very well be applied to all markets of trading.


Finally, joining our bootcamp gives you a lifetime membership to our online and offline community. Here traders can reach out and connect with like minded people to share trades, tips, stock alerts, but most importantly encouraging support! These are just a few advantages to being part of a trading community as opposed to going at it alone. Having support from similar people can cut down on years of development time that you can use to grow your trading account.

Our next bootcamp starts October 12th. It’s an intensive 60 day course that teaches you exactly how we trade and why. To learn more or to signup, email me at kunal@bullsonwallstreet.com today!