Path To Profitability with Cameron Fous Sunday!



Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live the life of a fulltime trader? All your questions will be answered this Sunday at 8 PM Eastern as I hold a special webinar with my friend and fellow pro trader Cameron Fous of 


We’ll be talking about what stocks we are watching, what we’ve traded lately, and some of the tactics we use to pull big gains from the market every day. And we’ll be broadcasting it all from our sick Costa Rican beach house! Oh, did I not mention that? One of the reasons I wanted to become a successful trader is so that I could travel the world. That’s the great thing about being a trader – you can take your work with you anywhere you go.


If you do what you love AND you can do it from anywhere in the world, what more can you ask? Be sure to bring your questions, as we will be holding a Q&A session to talk about the Path to Profitability, the current market environment and stocks on watch, and of course what we’ve been up to in beautiful Costa Rica. Don’t wait to register, as this will fill up fast!



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