Path To Profitability with Cameron Fous recording


Here is the webinar video for the Path To Profitability with Cameron Fous from last week!  WE also spent some time talking about our favorite setups, beliefs on proper risk management, and market time zones in terms of what parts of the day make the best trading action. What a cool story of how Cameron sold his car to get cash for trading.  So many young traders I talk to get so bogged down with the negatives and hurdles of trading. ” i dont have the capital” , ” “i dont have the time” you hear so many reasons why someone cant be successful or go after what they want.  The thing is that all the great traders I have met have come from similiar circumstances.  We all were broke and had tons of problems and struggles. Most us lost tons of cash trying to figure this all out but that is the right of passage to hit your goals and do this!  Now 10 years ago there was no social media or sites like bullsonwallstreet to go and learn and have someone teach you every step of the way.  The learning curve and pain has been shorted greatly but you still have to go out and do it!

I teach people how to do this! I have taught over 25,000 students in my different classes the last 4 years.  We have a full intensive 60 day program designed to build traders from the groundup.  And during the class while you are practicing  you get realtime training during the trading day where you can watch my computer screen and literally watch me trade live.


We start our newest class December 2nd email for details. Here is our syllabus for the class.

December 2nd Bootcamp




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