Part Time Trader Webinar Recording | Paul Singh

Here is our webinar from yesterday with Paul!  We spent the hour talking about his trading style and part time trading.  We also spent some time analying some recent trades that he had done in $YELP $BWLD. We took a winning trade & a losing trade and dug into the anatomy of them!

As many of you guys know I was able to bring on Paul Singh who is the man who taught me how to trade, he heads up the part time service for swing trading.  He is the only guy I could think of when I wanted to launch this.  His style is great for those of you guys that have jobs and cant sit there and monitor stocks all day. in 10-15 minutes a day you will be able to read his daily trade reports make a watch-list and then Paul will alert you live when he is taking a swing-trade.  He will be giving you entries, exits, stops, targets and also updates on the stocks daily via email.

We are having a free trial on it! Check it out! Part Time Swing Trader Trial 

Swing Trade results : Swing Results!




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