overnight lotteries are fun…but..

Everyone wants to get rich quick. The quickest way to get rich is to buy a stock at $2 and watch it go to $20 a day later right? Ummm, sure.. except it rarely happens. 
So I’ve been buying & trading VVUS for many months.  It’s the one biotech that I actually believe in, and I’ve done a ton of research on it.  I have a number of doctor friends who have looked it over for me and I did some in depth research before plunking down the coin to buy 60,000 shares in my long term account.  
Watching the stock has been interesting.  I watched my long term account go up and down – and I never flinched because the story never changed. …and like every stock I play I got the feel for it — and yesterday when I noticed some unusual bids popping I decided to add 10,100 shares into my trading account.  
Well behold, that stock went to $12.49 today, and it’s currently trading under $12.  I sold my trading shares in the 11’s, and 25% of my l/t position at $12.40-$12.43.  
A great day right?  So now what?  I have received countless “congratulation” tweets from a number of followers who knew I was long on this stock (thanks guys!).  I even ignored my overnight winnings on Smith & Wesson (which continue to grow). Many tweets coming in saying “I wish I had followed you on vvus…”… well guys, slap yourself across the face and think about what you’re saying. 
Everyone is looking for the next “overnight win”.  Let me tell you, there’s no easy way to make money overnight.  I am a fundamentals guy.  I dig deep into the company and when I’m looking for momentum or day trades I usually run my ideas by @kunal00, @copperstl or @urban_ryno.  ..but that said, there are some winners on my roadmap (assuming no unforseen circumstances, like a plant fire or some shit).  
Once my picks explode everyone wonders why they didn’t buy it in the first place. 
I am long Syntroleum SYNM and North Eastern China Petroleum NEP (to name a couple of my faves).  I continue to buy them on the dips, I know the stories well.  I am particularily excited about SYNM’s future.  I’m a big oil and gas guy – and although “green gas” has never really paid off, I thnk we’re getting to a point where you’ll see biofuel companies succeed.  
Are they overnight wins?  
Probably not — but SYNM will announce the completition of their facility sometime in the near future – and at that point there will be some major press around it, and I am guessing we’ll see an immediate spike.  
Those guys will be producing 75,000 gallons of high grade jet fuel per month.   They’ll split the proceeds with Tyson Foods (who happen to own 10% of SYNM) and they’ll probably start on their second plant.  
You can either wait for that day, or be like me and accumulate the dips…  I never trade for income – many people do and I respect that.  If you’re trading for income it can be difficult to make money unless you keep a seperate long term account.
Good luck! 



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