What will you learn?

Learn the process behind Levi's recent +50%, 100% and bigger trade wins using the education from his course and SHT indicators

Introduction To SHT CUstom trading Indicators

Learn how Levi uses his customized SHT indicators to spot trading setups and opportunities like these.

What will you learn?

Learn how to branch your stock trading education and quickly learn how easy it is to transition to day trading options

Meet OUr New options trading coach

Levi took the BOWS Live 60-Day Boot Camp over a decade ago. Kunal will introduce Levi to the group discussing their history in how they met and began working with Levi and his trading.

learn his style of options trading

Levi has a very unique story, but his process for trading options is very similar to how we day trade stocks. We'll uncover his strategy so you can see how he attacks the markets.

maximize trading while under PDT

Stuck under PDT? No problem! From this workshop you can learn the opportunity in having a sound options trading strategy like Levi's.

Learn about our propietary indicators

Levi has spent years developing indicators which mimic alot of what our trading rules are here at BOWS. This has helped him save time, make clearer decisions, and find better trading opportunities

new options course & Chatroom

After this workshop, we will be adding Levi to our chatroom as we open a new options trading service, along with his on-demand options trading course including his indicators!

Open Q&A Session

At the end of the workshop, we will open it up to Q&A for you to ask Levi anything you want to know more about his style of trading!

Webinar speaker

Meet your speakers for the free training.

Levi - New Options Trading Coach

Levi is a 35 year old day trader, living life on the ranch with his wife and kids. He is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for the mountains and markets. He has been trading stocks and options for 11 years starting first with Kunal and Bulls on Wall Street. He approaches the markets with a tactical mindset and strategy.


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