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What's Included
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Most Popular
Bear Market
Swing TRading Course
What's Included

What's Included
- Over 8 Hours of Educational Videos
- Risk Management Strategies
- Understand Different Market Cycles
- How To Analyze Volume
- Sector Analysis
- Key Setups
- Bear Market Mental Game Tips
- Trade  Reviews
- Learn Key Swing Trading Setups
- How To Develop Your Mental Game
- Get Our Trading Layouts & Scans

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Swing Trading Course
What's Included

What's Included
- Over 7 Hours of Educational Videos
- Learn 7 Long, and 5 Short
Swing Trading Setups
Learn The Fundamentals Of
Earnings Trading
- How To Use Earnings To
Measure Market Sentiment
- Learn How To Build and Trade
an Earnings Watch-List
- How To Scan For Hot Sectors
and Setups To Trade
- How to Find Sympathy Play Trades
- How To Develop Your Mental Game
- Get Our Trading Layouts & Scans

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Most Popular
Crypto day & Swing
trading course
$400 Launch Sale
$800 Reg
What's Included

What's Included
- 50% Off Launch Sale:
$798 Regular Price
- Full On-Demand Suite
(100+ lessons)
- Full On-Demand Suite (100+ Lessons)
- Access To Our Crypto Trading Room

- Get Our Trading Layouts & Scans
- Fundamentals of Crypto
- Everything You Need
to Know About NFT's
- DeFiCore Crypto Trading Strategies
- In Depth Fundamental and
Technical Analysis Strategies
- Using Proper Risk Management
- Walkthroughs Of All The Best
Platforms & Exchanges
- Access to Kunal Desai in Discord
- Peak Performance & Trading Psychology
- Lifetime Access!

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Most Popular
swing trading course
What's Included

What's Included
- Over 13 hours of Educational Videos
- Learn Over 10 Actionable
Option Swing Strategies

- Learn How To Incorporate
Stock Trading With Options Trading
- Basics of Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Market, and Industry Analysis
- Understand The 'Greeks'
- Understand Time Decay, Implied Volatility, and Open Interest
- Learn Straddles, Condors, and Spreads
- Learn Hedging Strategies
- Volume, Market, and Sector Analysis
- Small Account Options
Swing Trading Strategies
- Learn How To Swing Trade
Earnings Options Setups
- Understand Intrinsic vs Extrinsic value
- Understand Open interest, options chains
- Learn "In The Money", "At The Money', and "Out The Money" Tactics
- Learn Directional and Non-Directional Options Strategies

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retirement account
swing trading course
What's Included

What's Included
- Over 10 Hours of Educational Videos
- 401k Passive & Active Trading Strategies
- IRA Passive & Active Trading Strategies

- How To Swing Trade Retirement Accounts
- Best Retirement Accounts To Open
- How to Grow Your Retirement Account
- How To Make Compounding Work For You
- Stock Selection For Retirement Accounts
- Options Strategies For Retirement Accounts
- Which Brokers To Use

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Bulls on Wall Street?

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Our trust pilot reviews speak for themselves. We take pride in the feedback and support our students provide us with to improve the way we deliver our trading education to you.

Over 5,000 Traders To Date

Bulls on Wall Street is comprised of 2 lead traders Kunal Desai, and Paul Singh, who together have over 30 years of combined trading experience. BOW's has been teaching people from around the world how to trade since 2008!

Each Course Has A Specific Focus

Trading has endless strategies, and ways to trade the market. Our courses are built around a focus that helps you as a trader work on areas that you are weaker at, so you can become a more well rounded trader once you complete your course.

Get Instant Access

As soon as you sign up, get immediate access to your course dashboard to begin developing yourself as a trader.

For New Traders

All of our classes begin at a foundational standpoint, meaning if you are brand new, each class will take you from beginner information to advanced teachings in a linear fashion.

For Experienced Traders

If you are already an experienced trader, each of our courses offer advanced trading strategies and setups to further your development as a trader to become more rounded.

Why Choose One
Of Our On-Demand
Beginner To Advanced Learning

If you are brand new, or an experienced trader, all of courses start from the foundation and develop into advanced strategies and topics.

Become A More Rounded Trader

Struggling with a small account? Been hit by a bear market? Our courses are designed to help you become a more sophisticated trader in areas you are weakest in.

Get Our Charting Layouts & Scans

Every course purchase gets access to our direct charting layout and scans to download and use on your TC2000 platform.

Learn Actionable Trading Strategies

Every course comes with actionable trading strategies that you can take from class and apply to your own trading plan.

Learn On Your Own Time

The beauty of on-demand learning allows you to learn at your own pace. Plus, with our life-time access you can go back and rewatch lessons you need work on whenever you need!

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When we release new courses in the future, you will be the first to be notified, along with getting a VIP discount for already being a loyal course customer.

Don't Just Take Our Word.
See What Previous Traders 
Have To Say

Very good class, even for someone who's relatively new to stock market analysis and trading. Paul does a great job of explaining the trends in the markets and how to use history as a guide to better anticipate futures market moves and how to trade within them.

David - Options Class Customer

Awesome service and amazing customer service by Kevin. Joined bulls beginning of the year to learn a little about trading. Went from part time swing trading into the earnings course and boot camp. Well on my way to being able to quit my job soon and trade full time. Great educational info and quick responses to chart or trade questions and reviews.


"I have taken several courses with Bulls on Wall Street and I love the learning and the service I get. I've seen other courses where you have no one to talk to when you run into an issue and it feels like no one cares. Omer and Kevin have been a tremendous help on multiple occasions when I had questions or needed to make a change in my memberships. I like the energy of this company and the way it is easy to get to all recorded materials. Thank you!"


Great bear market swing trading course! Very insightful! I learned a how to think through today's bear market swing opportunities through major historical market crashes. Definitely worth the investment. I can't wait for the next class.


Great course went over EVERYTHING about the markets and the best setups to use. If you have no idea what trading is then it’ll be a little tough cause he does go over everything quickly and but this is perfect for a trader with little experience to traders with bull market experience. I will be joining Pauls swing trading course.

Nick - Bear Course Customer

As always, Paul does a great job of really keeping it simple. He does an awesome job of going in depth with his methods and history lessons. This course was beneficial to both short-term and long-term investors. I recommend this course and any other course put on by BOWS.

Jason - Bear Course Customer

As always, Paul does a great job of really keeping it simple. He does an awesome job of going in depth with his methods and history lessons. This course was beneficial to both short-term and long-term investors. I recommend this course and any other course put on by BOWS.

Jason - Bear Course Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Get Life-Time Access?

Yes! All courses are granted with Life-Time access. Meaning you learn at your own pace, and come back and rewatch course lessons when you need it most!

Do I Learn Trading Setups/Strategies In Every Course?

Yes! Every on-demand course offered provides you with trading setups and strategies you can take directly from class, and apply to your own trading. Learn from our setup walk-throughs, trade reviews, and how to scan for these setups to find them in future trade opportunities.

What's The Difference Between Your $197 and $397 Priced Courses?

Our lower priced courses at $197 are between 7-9 hours long, and between 5-7 classes. Our higher priced courses at $397 are between 9-13 hours long, and between 6-10 classes depending on the course you choose. All of our courses teach you actionable strategies that you can use to trade.

What's Included With The Purchase Of The Course?

All course buyers get access to the on demand video courses, our charting layouts and scans, as well as a 90% off coupon to try out and use TC2000 charting software.

Still Got Questions?

Reach out to us on live chat at the bottom of your browser!